Vancouver Virtual Learning through Heights Campus (formerly Lieser Campus) provides a robust online program for students of Vancouver Public Schools in kindergarten through 12th grade.


Vancouver Virtual Learning Academy (VVLA)  at Heights Campus (formerly Lieser Campus) has provided online learning to Vancouver students grades 6-12 for more than 10 years. Instruction is provided through an online learning platform and each student works with an advising teacher who develops and monitors a student learning plan that is individualized to the student’s academic needs. VVLA added elementary grades this past school year, making it a K-12 option for all VPS students.

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Our online classes are adaptive to what the student knows.


Our program may be remote, but we take a partnership approach with connection to our students and families.

  • We work on building a close connection between the program, students and parents.

  • Weekly meetings with an advising teacher (virtual or in-person options)
  • Monthly student progress communication for students and parents
  • Additional Zoom meetings may be scheduled for K-5 students and/or parents as needed.

  • Parents can monitor student activity and progress through a parent portal account.


Our program utilizes technology to create a balanced approach to learning.



There is no deadline for enrollment and our program is an open enrollment model. You can complete the interest request form at any time. However, availability will depend on teacher availability.


Watch the informational video for your child’s grade.

Elementary information video

Middle and high school information video


Complete the interest form.


Register and attend the optional Zoom information session. The registration link will be sent to you in a confirmation email after you complete the interest form.


Wait for follow up: staff will contact you with your next steps.


Do we need to use a district device or can we use our home computer?2021-05-21T13:47:07-07:00

Most applications are web-based and can be accessed from any computer.  You may choose to check out a device at any point should it be easier for your family.

How much time do students spend on the computer?2021-05-21T13:48:02-07:00

Grades K-5

We believe in a balanced approach to learning and recognize that younger students learning needs are not effectively met through online materials only.  While online resources help us assess, plan and manage learning, they are just one tool for learning. Depending on student need, other methods of learning are blended with the online curriculum. We expect that K-5 students will spend about 25% of their learning time on the iPad. 


Middle and high school students will spend a majority of their time on their Chrombooks engaging with Odysseyware curriculum. Usually about 25 hours per week.  The remainder of the time should be spent on reading, reviewing notes and working on projects. 

Can you accommodate the needs of students with IEPs?2021-05-21T09:12:49-07:00

Depending on the student’s IEP, we can tailor our program and courses to meet the student’s needs. We review all IEPs to determine if we can meet the student’s individual goals in our online setting.

Are Advanced Placement classes available online?2021-05-21T09:26:03-07:00

A limited number of Advanced Placement classes are available. Students need to be very self-reliant to be successful in these classes.

How does VLA address the needs of Highly Capable students?2021-05-21T13:48:19-07:00

All students will be assessed to identify their learning levels in reading and mathematics. Advising teachers will develop written student learning plans that meet the learning needs of the student. If the student is ready for higher-level work, they will be assigned to the appropriate digital coursework. Support for weaker skills will be supported through iReady lessons and IXL, depending on grade level.

Can my student be enrolled at Heights Campus and at another school?2021-05-21T13:48:52-07:00
  • K-8: No, we do not offer dual enrollment.
    9-12: Limited and dependent on the student’s academic goals and what is available online.
Will enrollment lower a student’s chances of attending a school of choice for the following school year?2021-05-21T13:49:18-07:00

No, attending VVLA at Heights Campus does not restrict students from accessing programs of choice the following school year.

Is there a deadline for enrollment?2021-05-21T09:21:08-07:00

No, there is no deadline.

Are we able to opt into VVLA at any time?2021-05-21T13:50:18-07:00

Yes, VVLA maintains open enrollment. You can complete the interest request form at any time. However, availability will depend on “space” (teacher availability). However, for high school students, we suggest students not move between school if it will jeopardize finishing classes and credit accrual.

Will we lose our spot in a magnet or immersion program if we start the year in VVLA?2021-05-21T13:50:29-07:00

We recommend contracting the administrator at the magnet school to determine if your student’s slot will remain reserved.

Will we lose our spot in our neighborhood school if we start the year in VVLA?2021-05-21T13:50:53-07:00

No, you can re-enroll at your neighborhood school at any point in the year. However, for high school students, we suggest students not move between schools if it will jeopardize finishing classes and credit accrual.

Can I enroll my child in their neighborhood school, and then transfer to VVLA later?2021-05-21T13:51:16-07:00

Yes, VVLA maintains open enrollment. You can complete the interest request form at any time. However, availability will depend on “space” (teacher availability). However, for high school students, we suggest students not move between school if it will jeopardize finishing classes and credit accrual.

What is the time commitment for parents?2021-05-21T13:53:06-07:00

Parent commitment depends on the age of the student and their ability to work independently. K-5 students will need greater parent involvement than a middle or high school student. Advising teachers monitor student progress and participation through Odysseyware. Parents can also request a parent portal account that allows them to monitor student activity and progress.

Expectations of parents

  1. Help your child develop a schedule.
  2. Provide the student with a learning area that has minimal distractions.
  3. Support your child in identifying how frequently they may need movement breaks and methods on how to get back to work.
  4. Communicate regularly with the advising teacher.
  5. Ask to see their work or notes.
  6. Ask them what they are learning.
What is the attendance standard at VVLA?2021-05-21T13:55:22-07:00

Normally, VVLA for 6th-12th grades has a once per week 2.5-hour lab attendance requirement. During this time, students meet individually with advising teachers to talk about progress and set and measure weekly goals, and they meet as a small group for social emotional learning. This allows us to build a sense of community for students. In the more than 10 years that VVLA has provided online education, we have found that students who attend once per week do much better than those who don’t.

During this difficult time, we are trying to meet the needs of families by providing a non-attendance option for grades 6th-12th if there is a health reason that would require it.

We are also offering an online-only option for grades K-5.

These online options still require two-way contact (Zoom, email, phone) with the advising teacher weekly. This contact must be in regard to the student’s progress towards academic goals.

What does a typical day look like?2021-05-21T13:55:57-07:00

The structure of the day depends on the family schedule, the student grade level and the student’s ability to focus. Online learning is not time bound. The younger the student, the more frequently they should take a movement break. In this model, learning is not bound by time or space. Students understand concepts at different paces, and some require more practice then others.

Alternative Learning Rules require students to engage in 1,665 minutes of learning activities per week.

For older students, most of these activities will occur while in Odysseyware. However, they will also spend time reading, writing, studying, taking notes and researching. In addition, they will engage in an onsite lab or Zoom meeting.

For younger students, activities will include at-home projects for art, social studies and science. Time will also be spent with parents reading to students and students reading to parents. In addition, there will be Zoom meetings.

Each student will have a written learning plan that outlines academic goals and learning activities. Advising teachers will work with students and parents to develop a schedule that works best for them.

What online curriculum is used?2021-05-21T13:56:15-07:00

The online curriculum platform used for grades 3-12 is Odysseyware.  Other district-supported digital resources such as iReady lessons and IXL, depending on grade level, are also utilized to support student learning. Online courses will also be supplemented with non-digital learning experiences dependent upon the student’s written learning plan (i.e., art and PE).

Odysseyware Course List

A Parent’s Introduction to Odysseyware

Sample 4th Grade Math Lesson

Odysseyware Instructional Supports


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